“Woop It Up”

“Woop it up” usually means laugh out loud hilarity. However, according to Gabriele Oettingen, Ph. D., a New York University psychologist who’s spent 20 years studying self-talk science and is the author of Rethinking Positive Thinking, WOOP is a 4-step process to help with the motivation to reach all of […]


What does it mean to be bold and how can girls be bold, even when they feel anything but? Being bold requires ingredients of: self-belief, fearlessness, and perspective. Boldness starts with self-belief. Thinking: “I can do it”, even if you have to fake it (at first) is a great starting […]

True Strength and Power

Our society reveres strong, confident, powerful women. We tend to elevate and honour those who are successful, out-spoken, dominant over-achievers who are authoritative, and have great presence. I am all for strong, confident, and powerful people – hence, the name of my company being Bold New Girls. I am passionate […]

Empowerment for Girls meets Yoga it Up!

Saturday, March 21 and Saturday, April 11: 

Empowerment Workshops for Girls meets Yoga It Up! Yoga It Up and Ms. Lindsay Sealey, B.A., M.A. Ed. partner to create a one of a kind event for girls 10-14 years old. A focus on self-kindness for girls, mindfulness through yoga, and related crafts and activities. 9:00am – […]

Yoga Girls

In the last few months I have really enjoyed trying and experiencing the journey of yoga. There have been good days where I feel powerful and strong and practice yoga with confidence and grace. There have been “not so good days” where I feel shaky, vulnerable, off balance, and anything […]

Look within yourself…

“Learn to be quiet enough to hear the genuine within yourself so that you can hear it in others.” – Marian Wright Edelman

The Power of Reflecting

Reflecting is something I have done for so long, I can’t remember a time I didn’t do it. It began as journaling and it was more about keeping track of my social calendar and the exciting experiences I was having in high school than the deep processing of my thoughts and […]


Happy. Sad. Excited. Lonely. Joyful. Left out. Enthusiastic. Brave. Frustrated. Bold. These are some of the feelings I experience on a daily basis. The other day, I described to a friend that my emotional journey feels kind of like being on a paddleboard – some days, I feel so calm […]

Growth Mindset

This month I have been thinking a lot about the growth mindset and how often my thoughts focus more on my limitations and what I think I can’t do and less so on my potential and what I believe I can do. And, so many of my clients are in […]