Post-Secondary Preparation and Support

The transition from high school to post-secondary education can feel like a giant leap. Academics get harder, learning content needs to be processed faster and more efficiently, and there are new expectations for better quality assignments and papers and increased demands to be independent, responsible, and self-motivated. In addition, there are often increased financial, social/emotional, and life pressures. Anxiety and uncertainty can skyrocket. This is usually the point on the educational journey that separates those students with effective study habits, self-management skills, and learning tools from those without.

Bold New Girls is now offering both post-secondary preparation and on-going support to help navigate this transition and increased pressures and to champion students towards academic and life success. Preparation and support is for those girls who are just entering post-secondary institutions or who currently attend post-secondary and need to learn/enhance the following skills:

  • Executive functioning skills: time-management, organization, working memory, auditory and visual processing skills, sequential processing, and self-management/self-monitoring skills
  • Note taking, listening, and memory skills
  • Research skills: finding scholarly information and understanding journal articles, interpreting research, and citing sources
  • Academic writing: gathering resources, formulating a thesis statement, summarizing/synthesizing research, analyzing and interpreting academic work, using quotations and support/evidence, clear and organized communication, and editing
  • Speed-reading and rapid information processing
  • Test preparation/study skills
  • Becoming an organized thinker: asking questions, gathering resources, making connections and associations, evaluating information, and rethinking/interpreting information
  • Utilizing corrective feedback
  • Transition skills: adjusting and adapting to change/new pressures
  • Social/emotional coping skills
  • Stress/anxiety management
  • Life balance and optimal health
  • Dealing with a designation/self-advocacy for learning needs
  • Academic strategizing: finding effective ways to manage academics
  • Guidance relating to LD/Gifted LD support programs

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