The Bold New Girls Experience

The Bold New Girls experience aims to be one that sees, hears, and validates each and every girl as she moves forward in her journey! Bold New Girls understands that girls are all different and begin at Bold New Girls with unique life experiences, awarenesses, insights, and needs. Each unique girl is on her own journey. Bold New Girls strives to create an “experience”, beginning with a personal consult with parents to discuss the needs and goals of their daughter. The experience then becomes the creation of an individualized and customized learning and personal development program with specific learning and personal goals and objectives and success indicators. Parents are welcome to include any/all of the Bold New Girls special programs that meet the desires and interests of their daughter. As sessions begin with girls, the girls will receive a Bold New Girls journal that encourages reflective learning and promotes self-awarenss and growth. The experience continues with sessions that include: dialogue and discussion, creative visual learning tools, and time for reflection and growth!