Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does Bold New Girls offer a free consultation?

A: Yes, I offer a complementary initial phone conversation in which you can ask me any questions about Bold New Girls and you can tell me about your daughter and the concerns you have. If we decide to work together, we can book an intake session where I will gather information necessary to design an integrated learning and personal development program.

Q: What kinds of girls come to Bold New Girls?

A: All kinds of girls of all ages participate in Bold New Girls. Girls have a variety of learning and personal development concerns including anxiety, perfectionism, shyness, lack of motivation and confidence, underachievement at school, insecurities, lack of focus, life imbalance, poor life choices, lack of awareness, unhappiness, and negativity towards self. Some girls want to learn more efficient ways to study and learn, other girls are seeking personal best and someone to guide them on their journey.

Q: What if my daughter has a psychoeducational/learning assessment?

A: Great. The more information I receive regarding your daughter, the better I will understand her and what she needs and the more individualized and integrated the learning and personal development program will be!

Q: What if my daughter needs a pscyhoeducation/learning assessment?

A: If your daughter needs an assessment, I will provide you with a list of excellent registered psychologists who will be able to deliver this service.

Q: How will I measure progress of the integrated learning and personal development programs?

A: Often, parents report that their daughters seem happier and they observe them growing  in confidence and self-esteem, especially at school. Other parents report that their daughters start asking more questions and expressing themselves more clearly and articulately. Parents and teachers may notice the use of better vocabulary and evidence of thinking skills in terms of making connections between ideas and having a deeper understanding of topics. Still others say that their daughter’s relationships seem to improve especially in terms of boundary setting and self-advocacy. The integrated programs include success indicators which will help identify change and growth in terms of the program objectives. A final way to measure progress of the programs is to request a progress review, which is a written document of growth and development. This progress review also includes a consultation where we can discuss program goals and objectives and make necessary changes, if required.

Q: What is an integrated learning and personal development program?

A: An integrated learning and personal development program is based on the belief and experience that learning issues and personal issues are integrated, interrelated, and interconnected! My mission is to explore both, as they are equally important and can be taught simultaneously. A program is important to determine each girl’s needs, interests, and strengths. It creates a baseline and helps to clarify priorities and objectives in both learning and personal development. A program provides accountability, focuses session activities, helps determine criteria for evaluation, and facilitates a systematic approach to teaching and coaching.

Q: How long is each session?

A: Each session is approximately 55 minutes so that there is time  for reflection and feedback.

Q: How will I get feedback on progress?

A: I can give feedback after each session for a few minutes and the parent(s) can also book a 1 hour consult where I can prepare a formal progress review document and we can then talk about setting new goals and making any adjustments to the program, if necessary.

Q: Can these sessions include homework help?

A: The sessions are not tutoring. They are more focused on learning how to learn (the process of learning), foundation skills for learning, and executive functioning skills. As well, the sessions focus on personal development issues that go hand in hand with learning. Sometimes, yes, it is possible to spend time on homework as it relates to the foundation skills. However, more likely, this comes after several sessions and after a solid learning foundation has been established.

Q: Does Bold New Girls offer anything for boys?

A: Yes! In response to requests and an increasing need to support boys, Bold New Girls is now offering learning and personal development programs for boys. Bold New Boys is the integration of  learning and social/emotional development to empower boys to feel happy, healthy, and confident!