The Process

Lindsay combines her professional experience as a teacher, coach, mentor, and leader, with her personal experience exploring self-advocacy, self-empowerment, self-esteem, and self-awareness. After an initial phone conversation, there is an in-person consult whereby your daughter’s needs and interests, strengths, and goals for future sessions at Bold New Girls can be discussed. After this meeting, an individualized learning and personal development program will be designed to integrate your daughter’s values, strengths, learning styles, needs, methods of accountability, feedback, and program objectives. Future sessions are agreed upon and booked at regular intervals. Sessions include dialogue and discussion, exploratory learning, and hands-on creative tools such as mind mapping, vision boards, and personal growth and development plans. Also included is time for reflective learning and “take away” assignments. A progress review is available upon request.

Girls greatly benefit from conversations about learning, social/emotional concerns, self-esteem, perfectionism, stress and pressures, self-awareness, feelings, body image, self-care, strengths and competencies, and life balance. Girls need positive role models who will listen to them, meet them where they are at, hear both what they are saying and what is left unsaid, encourage, support, and inspire them. Equally important is the one-on-one coaching and mentoring relationship where girls can be themselves and feel seen, heard, and validated – to feel they matter!

Next Steps:

  1. Phone conversation
  2. Intake consultation
  3. Program creation
  4. Set up sessions