Helping your daughter or a young girl in your life can be a frustrating, challenging, and confusing experience. Lindsay offers consulting for this reason: to help you explore learning and personal development options and make informed decisions. Lindsay’s vast and diverse experiences in working with young girls and various schools and private learning institutions in the community allow her to provide the feedback, insights, and ideas and options, you may need. She will listen to your unique experiences and stories with interest and empathy and collaborate with you to consider different solutions and ideas to explore. Lindsay can also refer you to experts in other areas such as: licensed BC psychologists for psycho-educational and neuropsychological assessments, certified counsellors for therapy sessions, and various other educational specialists for additional support.

Consulting may include the following services:

  • Reading/interpreting a psycho-educational assessment, Individualized Learning Plans (IEP), special education/learning exceptionalities adaptations, or school recommendations
  • Personal strategy development and goal setting
  • Post-assessment support
  • Brainstorming/creating¬†educational plans and direction for your daughter’s learning journey
  • Discussion re: bullying, self-advocacy, social/school life, pressure and anxiety, confidence and self-esteem, learning concerns, social/emotional struggles, self-management tools and self-regulated learning and behaviour management, ADD or ADHD, ASD, or SPD diagnosis
  • Supporting alternative learning styles/learning needs based on BC Ministry of Education curriculum
  • Integrating home and school strategies
  • Post-secondary education guidance and LD/gifted/supported programs
  • Providing empathy, clarity, direction, support, and encouragement for parents/guardians/caregivers/teachers¬†

Consulting Topics may include:

  • Stress/Anxiety Management
  • Dealing with Pressure(s)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Perfectionism and Personal Best
  • Emotional Literacy: working through negative emotions; cultivating positive emotions
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-Kindness and Self-Compassion
  • Coping Tools
  • Motivation
  • Self-Management Skills
  • Bullying/Self-Advocacy
  • Understanding Your Child’s Unique Learner Profile
  • Social Strategies for Fitting In
  • Study Tools and Preparation Techniques

Consultation Program:

Now more than ever, I sense parents needing direction with their daughters. That is why I am now offering a comprehensive program for parents that can serve as a “road map” or action plan for her optimal growth. After a consultation and learning about your daughter: her strengths and interests as well as needs and areas of growth. I will create a plan that keeps in mind the essential, holistic aspects of her life: emotional, mental, social, physical, and spiritual. With the “whole girl” perspective, I can create the variety of ways you can support her and tools and technique to try. After a few weeks of practicing different ideas and methods, we will meet again to trouble shoot any problem areas and fine tune the plan to further meet your daughter’s specific needs.