Special Programs

Special Programs for Girls:

These programs consist of 6 consecutive, one-hour sessions and are designed for one-to-one teaching and coaching whereby each lesson includes the exploration of specific skills, time for discussion, and time for reflective learning and processing. Each program includes a take-home workbook and the opportunity for continued sessions.

Bold New Girls – Empowering young girls to feel happy, healthy, and confident

This program is to help young girls learn self-empowerment tools including: knowing yourself, self-care, self-trust, friendship, self-esteem, and personal best.

Strong Girls – Equipping girls with self-advocacy skills

The Strong Girls program addresses bullying issues, especially the more subtle kind of bullying. Girls will explore what bullying is, who gets bullied, and how to self-advocate.

Smart Girls – Teaching girls learning tools

Smart Girls aims to teach girls learning how to learn skills such as: different types of learning styles, how to study, note-taking, brain booster tips, memory tricks, test taking, positive self-talk, and learning from mistakes.

Personal Growth and Development Program – Helping girls grow

This practical, hands-on program focuses on personal growth and development and includes self-exploration in the following areas: qualities and core beliefs, values, vision, mission, and goal setting. This program aims to help girls look back at who they were and what they accomplished, who they are at present and what they are doing now, and who they want to be and how they want to move forward. This is a great way to help girls chart growth and progress and personal successes!

Executive Functioning Skills – Teaching girls how to develop executive functioning skills

This program teaches the 11 executive functioning skills including:  response inhibition, working memory, emotional control, sustained attention, task initiation, planning/prioritization, organization, time management, goal-directed persistence, flexibility, and metacognition.

Leadership for Girls – Empowering girls to be leaders

The Leadership for Girls program explores 7 tools of leadership, beginning with learning about personal leadership and leading of the self. Other tools include: dreams, vision, goals, communication, and thinking skills.

Active Girls – Teaching girls to be active and healthy

Active Girls is a unique program as it includes the 1-on-1 lessons and an activity of choice. Each session will explore a topic such as:  risk-taking, confidence, self-esteem, self-trust, healthy habits, and life-balance and then an activity of interest to the participant related to the lesson. The aim is to get girls moving and to also help them understand that being active is another way to be healthy, happy, and confident!

School/Career Exploration for Girls – Exploring school and job opportunities

This program is for older girls who are starting to think more seriously about college and university and future work opportunities. Based on the work of Norm Amundson and his books Active Engagement and Hope Filled Engagement, this program explores a variety of techniques to help girls think about who they are (values, qualities, and beliefs), what they are good at (strengths and competencies), and what they may want to move towards (work place attractors and goal setting).