Lindsay Sealey, of Bold New Girls, is unique because she is insightful, sensitive, self-aware, relational, professional, and authentic. She is highly creative and a strong visionary. She is organized, prepared, hard- working, and dedicated to her own personal and professional growth and development. She is committed to working with young girls to help them reach academic and personal best as well as those who surround and support them. She is excited to be part of the growth of others and she is able to see the “whole girl” – body, mind, and spirit. Lindsay has a focus on self-awareness, self-care, empowerment, self-efficacy, and self-belief with each girl she works with. Her primary goal is to build a relationship of trust and safety and she does this by listening to her clients, aligning and empathizing with them, and validating who they are and their unique life experiences.

She is deeply reflective of her own language and behavior in sessions with girls. Her focus is on promoting health, happiness, and positive change in young girls. Lindsay’s primary concern is to help girls accept who they are as they grow into their authenticity, competence, and confidence and feel their value and worth. Her passion for and dedication to young girls has inspired her to create books, workshops, and lectures.

Bold New Girls is unique because it’s creative, fun, and hands-on teaching, coaching and mentoring combines school learning with personal learning. Bold New Girls offers unique and integrated learning and personal development programs and coaching focusing on each girl’s individual interests, strengths, and areas of growth. Bold New Girls’ teaching, coaching, and mentoring is built on the interpersonal connection and infused with compassion, kindness, patience, respect, understanding, optimism, hope, and inspiration. At the same time, Bold New Girls programs are committed to each girl’s feelings, thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Each girl’s personal best and greatest vision for herself is encouraged, empowering girls to feel happy, healthy, and confident!