Beliefs & Vision & Mission


Young girls can feel happy, healthy, and confident and achieve success in school and in life; all girls have greatness inside of them and the power and potential to change. Growth and learning is as important in personal issues as it is in school. Through teaching, coaching, and mentoring, young girls can be encouraged to develop a clear sense of self and embrace their strengths as they discover their own authenticity. Girls will have the opportunity to explore their hopes, dreams, struggles, challenges, fears, anxieties, and goals to create forward momentum. Through Bold New Girls, and the unique integration of learning and social/emotional development, girls can be encouraged, challenged, motivated, and inspired to take responsibility for themselves, believe in themselves, to recognize their qualities and talents, to practice self-compassion, and move towards self-discovery. Through dialogue and discussion, creative lessons, and an individualized Bold New Girls¬†Integrated Learning and Personal Development Program, young girls can realize their capabilities and accomplish their truest desires. Young girls benefit greatly from the unique opportunity to talk about their thoughts and feelings and explore their growing sense of self in a nurturing and encouraging one-on-one relationship. Girls can learn to not simply “survive” their diverse experiences, but thrive and flourish!


The vision of Bold New Girls is to empower young girls with the tools and skills so that they can feel happy, healthy, confident, and inspired. Bold New Girls aims to connect with girls through an emotion-focused one-on-one teaching and coaching relationship in: sessions and workshops, and with: inspirational workbooks, books and curriculum. Bold New Girls also desires to educate and support  parents and teachers and work in collaboration with them to raise young girls to be self-aware, self-confident, and self-empowered.


To inspire, empower, challenge, and encourage young girls to feel happy, healthy, and confident and to live authentically, develop a clear sense of self and understanding of their core values and competencies, and be true to themselves as they step into their potential at school and in life.