Saying Goodbye to Negativity


Goodbye negativity; hello happiness and joy! I read a recent Instagram post by #workoutbean that said this: “remove the negativity in your life. It’s amazing how long we live with things that weigh us down – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Sometimes, cutting out the bad in our lives isn’t the hardest part; it’s getting to the moment where you realize it’s actually possible. Pinpoint what makes you unhappy and figure out the steps it will take to not only get rid of that sadness, pain, or discontent, but grow happiness and positivity in its place.”

This post really resonated with me because, lately, I have notice more and more negativity, cynicism, and critical remarks. This negativity has been in the news, in the neighbourhood, and even in certain relationships. The negativity I have experienced has really drained me of joy but also promoted some deep introspection. I have been provoked to think about my own attitude and my own energy and what, exactly, I want. As a result, I am able to make some key decisions for moving forward and making room for pure positivity:

Here are my steps towards all that is positive:

  • Notice negativity – be honest with yourself; if it feels and sounds like negativity, it is; realize the damage of negativity and ask yourself if this is what you really want
  • Choose to have a positive attitude and a positive life outlook – it all begins with you and we cannot control the words and actions of others but we can choose our words and actions
  • Figure out what and who gives you energy and who and what depletes you – we all need encouragement and enhancement; nobody needs (or deserves) criticism, judgment, or jealousy
  • Choose to let go – I know this may sound scary (and I know it is scary) but by letting go you truly do make room for newness. Each and every time I have chosen to let go of: a negative thought that is holding be back, a negative person who is taking way more than giving, or a negative job that is no longer encouraging my growth or life-giving, I have been amazed by the opportunities that “suddenly” present themselves. And, you never know until you let go!
  • Know that change is NEVER easy but change is ALWAYS worthwhile

It’s a new year and a new chance for a fresh start. I am excited and hopeful that by taking the risk of letting go of the negative to embrace all that is positive, good things will happen. Goodbye’s can be challenging but goodbye’s are often followed by hello’s. So, get ready! Here’s to a positive 2016!