“Perfectly Imperfect”

Lindsay Girl Shoot Final Edits 190

The push to be perfect is BIG in our society. We are taught we need to be beautiful, smart, social, active, fit, good at everything, and make it all look easy – as if we barely have to try. We see 300 digitally-altered, specially manipulated, made-to-be-perfect images every single day. How can we not feel that perfect is what we are supposed to be and as though perfect is the “norm”? It is no wonder that being surrounded by perfection can make us feel not good enough!

Perfect is impossible, unrealistic, and detrimental to girls’ well-being. Perfect doesn’t really even exist. Instead, we all have “perfect imperfections” and we are “perfectly imperfect”. This means, we are not good at EVERYTHING (nor should we try to be), we do not look like fashion models, and we do have to try to achieve our goals. We try our best and we make mistakes. And our imperfections are really what make us beautiful, unique, and wonderful. When we strive for perfection, we will always feel we aren’t quite good enough (and we will be stressed out and exhausted trying). However, when we accept ourselves as we are, including imperfections, we will come to learn we are “perfect” in our own way and we will have the energy to love ourselves and do what really matters.

We are perfect, just the way we are. Embrace perfection and know the imperfections make you “perfectly YOU” and “perfectly imperfect”.