Raising Bold New Girls


Lessard Lifestyle Pt#2 45

Raising Bold New Girls is my newest book and writing this book was a very “new” experience for me too! I have written several books, primarily focusing on equipping and empowering young girls. However, this year, I had so many memorable, authentic, and engaging conversations with parents, teachers, and those wanting to support young girls on their journeys towards health and happiness, that I felt compelled to write a book to share the ideas that emerged from these conversations.

Raising Bold New Girls is a book intended to empower others to nurture and support young girls to feel happy, healthy, confident, and inspired. It includes my own experiences and reflections and a collection of research and information on various topics such as:

·      How to nurture and support girls to be bold new girls

·      Helping girls to know who they are

·      Exploring emotions

·      Cultivating happiness habits

·      Dealing with change

·      Media madness and mixed messages

·      Nurturing an positive body image

 It is my privilege to launch this book and to continue to live out my passion and vision for guiding young girls to discover who they are and embrace their unique stories. It is an honour to promote awareness, knowledge, understanding of girls’ challenges as well as their opportunities to flourish, through the equipping of tools and skills for those seeking to positively nurture, encourage, support, and influence young girls towards optimal growth and development. And, it was so much fun!!!

I am deeply grateful for the candid, authentic and heart-felt conversation that served as the foundation and inspiration for Raising Bold New Girls. And, I am very excited to continue to make a difference in young girls’ lives and, as well, those wanting to support and nurture the young girls in their lives!