Everyday Extraordinary


Some days, I’m amazed at how extraordinary an everyday experience can be. Days when I am aware and present enough to notice the small but significant, ordinary things, I am able to see – white fluffy clouds that quickly float across the sky, a stranger stopping to give directions to a flustered and turned around tourist, or simply how our bodies tell us what’s going on inside of us and give us signs, like a stranded soul on a deserted island, so we know to get help!

Sometimes, I think girls miss these “signs”…their eyes are down – as they text and walk to their next classes, they are stressing about upcoming tests or quizzes, or their heads are swirling because of the latest wave of drama and gossip. Girls may miss the “signs” because they are preoccupied and also because they are waiting for the next extraordinary moment – a big party or event, a shopping spree extravaganza, or the upcoming summer vacation at camp. We all wait for big moments that wow us. But, in the waiting, we may be missing the amazing in the everyday.

Extraordinary days can be, well, extraordinary! Yet, I’m learning that ordinary, everyday life moments can also be extraordinary – mostly because they just happen and there is no expectation of anything. And, to “catch” these moments, we have to be paying attention to the “signs”, noticing the details as life unfolds around us, and appreciating the extraordinary in the ordinary, everyday moments…everyday extraordinary!