“Woop It Up”


“Woop it up” usually means laugh out loud hilarity. However, according to Gabriele Oettingen, Ph. D., a New York University psychologist who’s spent 20 years studying self-talk science and is the author of Rethinking Positive Thinking, WOOP is a 4-step process to help with the motivation to reach all of your goals.

This plan – research-based and aimed to increase energy – is also a source of self-encouragement and may be the “WOOP” girls need (laughing through this process is also A-OK!)

Here is what each letter of WOOP stands for and then my interpretation of each step in the process:

W = Make a Wish

I think wishing has become obsolete. It’s ok to imagine the unimaginable. It’s good to have big dreams and high goals. Why not? I say reach towards the sky and go for it! Choose a goal – big or small – and repeat it to yourself. Writing it down helps too. Write it over, and over, and over! And be prepared to be amazed.

O = Imagine the Outcome

Oettingen says to consider how you’ll benefit from achieving the goal. It could be how proud of yourself you’ll be for a high grade on an assignment or how happy you’ll feel for making a healthy choice – like doing an activity instead of getting lost in screen time. Imagination is a powerful (and fun) tool.

A = Anticipate Obstacles

Roadblocks can sabotage your success. So, try to predict what will get in your way, scare you, or make you give up. Then, find ways to address these obstacles, should they arise. Often, having people to talk to – even a simple conversation – can be the boost you need. Predicting – puts YOU in the driver’s seat and ready to make choices and take action.

H = Hatch a Plan

Map out your goal and visualize yourself doing each step of your plan. I love planning and preparation, especially when I feel stressed and anxious. Make a plan and feel your power – every task or goal needs a clear plan to help you get started, to keep you focused and on track, and to remind you of how far you’ve come. Planning allows you to be specific and focused as well.

So, go head, WOOP it up (and “woop it up” too!)