What does it mean to be bold and how can girls be bold, even when they feel anything but? Being bold requires ingredients of: self-belief, fearlessness, and perspective.

Boldness starts with self-belief. Thinking: “I can do it”, even if you have to fake it (at first) is a great starting point. Whether you want to talk to a friend about a difficulty the two of you are having or whether you are trying out for a new team sport, thinking you can do it means you are more likely to do it – and this shows true¬†boldness.

Being bold is also about being fearless. This can mean acknowledging and accepting fear, but doing it anyway. There really is nothing to fear but fear itself. When I am afraid – of going to a new vacation place (I just travelled to the Mayan Riviera and felt some trepidation) or meeting a new client (this can be scary and uncertain), I make the choice to do it anyway. And when I face my fears, more often than not, I realize there really was NOTHING to fear! And, I am so happy I did what I really wanted to, and that I stared fear in the face, instead of being held back. Be bold and fearless – because you can!

Finally, boldness means widening your perspective. This life tool is an important one. It’s necessary and fun to step outside of your “box of limitations” to explore what’s outside of the box. By doing so, you are increasing your chances of seeing many possibilities and much more potential. Find new angles and new ideas. Twist the normal into the super amazing! Be a girl without borders and limitations. Be bold enough to see new perspectives!

Self-belief, fearlessness, and perspective: these are the ingredients in the recipe for boldness. Dare to be bold!