Worrier or Warrior?

yoga pose for blog

I am a worrier – and this is a choice I have been making for a very long time. Although, as I grow and learn and become much more confident and self-assured and I am worrying less and less all the time, I do still worry! I guess you could say I am a “worrier – work in progress”.

I worry about EVERYTHING. I worry about doing enough with my day, treating people kindly, being balanced, exercising and sleeping enough, eating mostly healthy foods, and simply being enough! Yes, I am a worrier.

But, I wonder what it would take to be a warrior instead? What would it be like to let of being a worrier – and all the related fears and anxieties – to embrace the idea and then transition to being a warrior – someone of strength, fearlessness, and gumption?

I’d like to suggest a few steps to let go of being a worrier:

Step 1: catch your worry thoughts and challenge them; by asking if worry thoughts are helping or hurting you, you can decide if it’s really worth the worry

Step 2: stop playing the “what if” game – it’s no fun and nobody ever wins!

Step 3: limit worry time to once each day and then save the rest of your worries for tomorrow

Step 4: distract yourself by focusing on what’s working for you, what you enjoy doing, and what you most look forward to doing

What does it look like to then transition to be a warrior? A warrior is strong, brave, confident, and full of self-belief. Once you let go of worry, I think it’s a lot more likely (and much easier) to embrace these key warrior qualities. Warriors don’t have time to worry and they seem to know worrying about life really doesn’t do us any good. Instead, warriors put on their armor of self-trust, boldness, strength, optimism, and determination and they just “fight” – to deal with the challenges, obstacles, and all of life’s problems that come their way. They kick butt at accomplishing their goals and doing what makes them happy! They don’t look back and have regrets; they simply go for it! Being a worrier is a choice. But, so is being a warrior! And, the choice is yours to make! Will you be a worrier or a warrior?