I believe in the power of intention! Whether I intend to clean my condo or experiment with cooking a new meal, it is with full intention and deliberateness that I try to navigate my life.

Having said this, even with the best of intentions we all hold, without subsequent action, intentions don’t mean much. I can intend to clean and organize or intend to cook and bake all day long but without the motivation to do it – nothing gets accomplished!

It is my hope that action steps can surpass our intentions as we all consider the conscious raising of young girls – to become happy, healthy, and confident young women. Moving from talking about growth to actually growing is essential!

Let’s take action towards guiding girls to be strong, bold, and brave. Let’s stop considering how we want to help them and let’s start doing something that does actually support them.

Here are some action steps to get started as you guide girls to optimal health and happiness:

  • Take 5 minutes each day to talk to a young girl – ask questions with care and curiosity and be ready to listen to her.
  • Encourage a girl in your life to take a positive risk in her own growth – no matter how big or small – ask her to articulate the risk and help her take the step forward (examples of risks can include: asking a teacher for help, trying a new sport, or addressing a conflict with a friend).
  • Champion a young girl’s growth by noticing her choices and change. Affirm her decisions and the resultant outcome – whatever that may be. A less than ideal choice can be a great opportunity to learn.

Intentions can be powerful – intentions are the first step towards change. But actions are even more powerful – they are the necessary steps towards making a true difference in the lives of young girls.┬áSo, let’s intend to act – starting today!!!