Yearly Archives: 2015

“Perfectly Imperfect”

The push to be perfect is BIG in our society. We are taught we need to be beautiful, smart, social, active, fit, good at everything, and make it all look easy – as if we barely have to try. We see 300 digitally-altered, specially manipulated, made-to-be-perfect images every single day. […]

Body Image

Reflection: It is HARD, if not almost impossible, for girls (and women) to feel good about their unique bodies and body types with the barrage of “perfectly polished” images we see each and every day. We can’t avoid these images, as they are ubiquitous: in magazines, on the Internet, in […]

Beyond BFF’s

Girls today seem to be searching for that one, magical, “perfect” best friend forever (BFF). They have an ideal vision of what this girl will be like and they expect to find one single person who will meet all of their needs all of the time (this is a tall […]

Raising Bold New Girls

  Raising Bold New Girls is my newest book and writing this book was a very “new” experience for me too! I have written several books, primarily focusing on equipping and empowering young girls. However, this year, I had so many memorable, authentic, and engaging conversations with parents, teachers, and […]

The Beauty of Your Dreams…

  “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” This quotation is by Eleanor Roosevelt and I love her sentiments because she encapsulates the essence of dreaming and how hopeful and beautiful dreams can be! I am a thinker and a dreamer and I am […]

“Like a Girl”

When did doing something “like a girl” become an insult? When I was little, my brothers would tell me I threw “like a girl”. And although I know they were trying to motivate me to throw stronger, faster, and better, at the same time, they were also implying I was […]

Everyday Extraordinary

Some days, I’m amazed at how extraordinary an everyday experience can be. Days when I am aware and present enough to notice the small but significant, ordinary things, I am able to see – white fluffy clouds that quickly float across the sky, a stranger stopping to give directions to […]

“Woop It Up”

“Woop it up” usually means laugh out loud hilarity. However, according to Gabriele Oettingen, Ph. D., a New York University psychologist who’s spent 20 years studying self-talk science and is the author of Rethinking Positive Thinking, WOOP is a 4-step process to help with the motivation to reach all of […]


What does it mean to be bold and how can girls be bold, even when they feel anything but? Being bold requires ingredients of: self-belief, fearlessness, and perspective. Boldness starts with self-belief. Thinking: “I can do it”, even if you have to fake it (at first) is a great starting […]

True Strength and Power

Our society reveres strong, confident, powerful women. We tend to elevate and honour those who are successful, out-spoken, dominant over-achievers who are authoritative, and have great presence. I am all for strong, confident, and powerful people – hence, the name of my company being Bold New Girls. I am passionate […]