Fear Factor

Fear is one of the five emotions in the 2015 Pixar/Disney animated movie, Inside Out. He is the purple one and the self admitted coward, afraid of everything, unlike his friends, Joy, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness. Fear is an emotion that’s been hardwired in our brains – for the purpose […]

Being Brave

I wonder what our lives would look like if we were all a little bit braver. Would this mean we would ask more questions, take more risks, set loftier goals, or follow our hearts and dreams more often, more audaciously? I also wonder what girls’ lives could look like if […]

Too Busy To Notice

Christmas is a busy season. And sometimes, the entire month of December can fly by without us even “noticing”. In our hustle and bustle to get the tree decorated, the presents purchased and wrapped, and the cookies baked, we may neglect to take a moment to notice the beauty and […]

“Girl Drama”

Girl Drama is all around and girls get caught up in it, even if it has nothing to do with them. The drama amongst girls makes sense: growing girls, changing bodies and brains, fluctuating moods and emotions, and the developmental milestones of figuring out who she is and how she […]

Good Girls, Mean Girls, and Strong Girls

I have worked with many kinds of girls including the stereotypical “good girl” and the stereotypical “mean girl”. Good girls are polite, sweet, kind, and caring. They are rule followers and they are people pleasers. They nod and smile and they are modest and selfless. So, they make “ideal” daughters […]


I believe in the power of intention! Whether I intend to clean my condo or experiment with cooking a new meal, it is with full intention and deliberateness that I try to navigate my life. Having said this, even with the best of intentions we all hold, without subsequent action, […]

Just Say, “YES”!

  Just say, “yes”! This is a phrase I learned years ago from a friend wanting to expand her life and really step out of her comfort zone. She committed to saying “yes” to everything and having no hesitancy, nor any fear. This meant saying “yes” to social events, saying […]

Teaching Girls to Be Brave

Reshma Saujani, in her powerful and inspiring TED Talk, entitled, “teach girls bravery, not perfection” (Vancouver, March 7, 2016) talks about her own choice to be brave as she decided to make a difference by running for congress. She lost miserably and yet she declared that the experience was her […]

Stressed Out!

Stress for girls can come in many shapes and sizes. Stress can come from outside of them in the form of: family, friends, work, school, drama, trauma, and any change. And, stress can come from within them – depending on how they interpret stressful events and the tools they have […]